We are the Viral Video Editors. We specialize in helping businesses and influencers skyrocket their social media engagement through captivating short form videos. With our expert team of editors, we successfully edit hundreds of videos every month. In the past year alone we we're able to amass over 250 million organic video views on social media.


:: BASIC ::


or annual billing at $416/month

Jr. Video Editor

Jr. Graphic Designer

10 Video Submissions / Month

10 Graphic Submissions / Month

72hr Turnaround Time



or annual billing at $999/month

SR. Video Editor

SR. Graphic Designer

Unlimited Video Submissions / Month

Unlimited Graphic Submissions / Month

Dedicated Account Manager

24hr Turnaround Time


Video editing can be a time-consuming task, especially if you don't have the necessary skills or equipment. Outsourcing this task to us allows you to save valuable time and allocate your resources more efficiently. Focus on core business activities while we handle the editing process, delivering polished videos in a timely manner.

Hiring an in-house video editing team can be expensive, with costs associated with recruitment, training, equipment, and ongoing salaries. Outsourcing to us eliminates the need for such investments. Our flexible pricing options ensure cost-effectiveness, as you only pay for the editing services you need, without the overhead of maintaining an internal team.

Unlimited Video Editing

Leave the tedious editing tasks to us. Our monthly subscription grants you unlimited access to our professional editing services, ensuring a steady flow of high-quality videos for your social media accounts.

Time & Cost Savings

By outsourcing your video editing needs to us, you can save valuable time and resources. Focus on growing your business while we handle the editing process, delivering polished videos that make an impact.

Expertise In Short-Form Videos

Short form videos dominate the market, and our team excels at producing content optimized for maximum impact in the shortest time. We'll help you capture your audience's attention in seconds and leave a lasting impression.


Kjersti Long

"The videos that the viral video editors helped me grow my Instagram account from 25k followers to over 100k followers in just 6 months. The best part is that I didn't have to spend a single minute editing videos!

Janae Cox

"I love love love the videos that you guys have been making!!! Thank you so much!"

Brandon Boyd

"I had one video that generated almost 100 leads just in the comments. These guys know what they're talking about when it comes to social media content creation."

Avery Neff

"I used to spend hours and hours editing my videos. And the worst part is that they wouldn't perform well. Now I get thousands of views on all my videos and the viral video editors save me so much time."


How do you deliver the videos once they're edited?

Once your video editor has finished the video, you'll be send a link to a google drive file where you can download your video.

What if I don't like the videos?

We give all of our clients 2 rounds of revisions on all videos and graphics. We want to make sure that you're satisfied with the final production.

What's the cancelation policy?

You can cancel your subscription to the viral video editor anytime that you'd like. Just make sure to cancel within 5 business days of the next billing cycle so that you're not charged for the following month.


Max Oliver

Creative Strategist

Whitney Oliver


Brett Tittle


Tanner Hatch


Office: Orem Utah

Text 385-335-4137

Email: creative@3secondmedia.com